Course Outline

Welcome to our FCAW and GMAW welding course! In this comprehensive program, you will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become a proficient welder in both Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), also known as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding.

F.C.A.W and G.M.A.W are the two most proficient and widely used welding materials in fabrication shops. They are a much faster process which allows fabrication shops to fabricate and perform repair welds in a faster manner compared to S.M.A.W.

You will start with a general introduction to FCAW and GMAW welding, including the theory behind the processes and the function and operation of the equipment. You will also learn about the various consumables used in these welding processes, including their origin and function.

As you progress through the course, you will receive training in the process and current required for FCAW and GMAW welding, as well as the weldability of different metals. You will learn about the qualifications and approval process for these welding processes, as well as techniques for successful blending.

In addition to these technical topics, you will also receive instruction on welding conditions and will learn about common defects and their causes, as well as how to take corrective action. You will receive training in maintenance and salvage, as well as the proper procedures for welding.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation in both FCAW and GMAW welding, making you well-prepared to start a rewarding career in this field.

  • Students will be able to Safely learn and operate two different MIG Welding Processes, both G.M.A.W and F.C.A.W
  • Understand the different electrode F-groups associated with SMAW.
  • Perform fillet and groove welds in all positions.
  • Produce quality cuts with oxy-acetylene and plasma torches.
  • Students will have complete knowledge about welding in different positions for each welding process.
  • Striking an arc progressing to make bead welds
  • Welding in different positions for each type of electrode, both G.M.A.W And F.C.A.W
  • Students will progress from Flat position to Horizontal in G.M.A.W
  • Students will progress from Flat position welding to Horizontal, Vertical and finish with Horizontal in F.C.A.W
  • Same welding process for joining bevelled material
  • Root pass and filler passes in all two position (Flat and Horizontal) testing by CWB in G.M.A.W which is maximum for G.M.A.W
  • Four Position (Flat, Horizontal, vertical and Overhead) testing by CWB in F.C.A.W.

$7000 TEST Extra $125 each (usually & tests)

14 Weeks

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