Course Outline

This course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of general safety rules and the operation and function of S.M.A.W Welding procedure. The course will cover the heat range and polarity in S.M.A.W welding, as well as the effects of Stick welding on different metals. Safety measures to be taken during the welding process will also be discussed, as well as the reading of blueprints. Upon completion of the course, students should have a strong foundation in S.M.A.W welding safety and technique.

  • Safely understand and operate handling of a Stick Welding Machine.
  • Perform Fillet and groove welds in Flat position.
  • Produce quality cuts with oxy-acetylene and plasma torches.
  • Striking an arc progressing to make bead welds
  • Welding in different directions with different types of electrodes
  • Progressing to position welding, gradually to vertical and overhead positions
  • Four position testing – CWB Test (Canadian Welding Bureau) in S.M.A.W.


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